Mission & Vision


Heart Hospital has become synonymous with the best in tertiary cardiac care in Bihar and adjoining areas. Our mission is to make available advanced cardiac health care facilities to the masses at the most affordable cost without compromising on quality.

Ours approach is patient centric treating them with trust, empathy and highest professional integrity.

We believe and practice, professional advice and education for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of different cardiovascular diseases and connect with patient groups, government, research and industry.


Our belief is in setting standards for maintaining, enhancing and disseminating the highest standards in cardiology education, its training and pursuing research. We deliver the objectives in collaboration with patients, public and partner organizations

Heart Hospital is governed under the avowed principles of providing excellence in tertiary cardiac care services to patients with highest professional commitment and commiseration.

We have met the expectations of our patients and hope to maintain the lowest mortality and morbidity ratio caused by various cardiac diseases.