About Heart Hospital

Welcome to Heart Hospital

Medical facilities in Bihar, till eighties were so meager that heart patients had to go to higher centers viz. – Vellore, Delhi, Calcutta etc., in the hope of getting a new lease of life. Specialized treatment facilities were scanty in those days and only Indira Gandhi Institute of Cardiology (IGIC) had secondary care facilities for cardiac ailments.

Visualizing the pains and problems of cardiac patients and their attendants, Dr. A. K. Thakur the then Director of IGIC decided to set up a hospital for tertiary care of cardiac patients. His dream came true in the form of HEART HOSPITAL in Kankarbagh, Patna on November 19, 1994 – the first of its kind in private sector in Bihar. Since then Heart Hospital gradually grew in size and today provides almost all the modern treatment facilities like non-invasive and invasive cardiac investigation, Cath lab procedures viz. – angiography (coronary, renal etc.), PTCA, ASD, PDA – device closures, EPS & RFA etc. and Heart Surgeries viz – CABG, Valve replacement, ASD – VSD – PDA- Surgical closures etc.

Heart Hospital today – a superespecialised center in Cardiology in the state has more than One Lac Thirty Five Thousand registered patients who have been treated here and come regularly for follow-up advices. It is a CGHS, ECHS and Govt. of Bihar recognized, ISO-9001 certified hospital and is in the process of getting NABH Accreditation.

Heart Hospital Patna is accredited hospital for National Board of Examinations Cardiology.

Our hospital has till date treated approximately 5.30 lakh patients in outdoor and about 2.10 lakh patient in indoor department. All this has been due to highly trained Interventional Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeon, Duty doctors, Nurses, Paramedicals etc. We are pioneer in radial Angiography, radial Angioplasty & primary Angioplasty. Maximum number of Primary Angioplasties on monthly basis in Bihar is being done at Heart Hospital. About 29000 Angiography, 12800 Primary, Normal, ROTA & CTO Angioplasties, 6100 Balloon Mitral Valvotomy, 10600 pacemaker implantations, 10200 Bypass surgeries, Valve replacement, Double valve replacements etc. have been done uptil now.

Our objectives have been

  • To set-up a center of excellence for the treatment of various cardiac ailments.
  • To provide concessional / free treatment to the needy.
  • To train future generation of doctors and paramedicals to the various modern advances in the field of cardiology.