Chairman Message

Chairman Message

If benefit of selfless service has to reach the ailing humanity, it can be done by devotion and sincerity to duty. This quality is inherited in a few and has to be cultivated. Those who possess and practice the principle of devotion to duty, they out-shine others. I often communicate this message to my peers, colleagues and paramedical working at Heart Hospital that “Punctuality is one single test of one’s devotion towards duty and discipline”. I am glad that those working at this institution have been practicing this principle.

Experienced and reputed cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac anesthesiologists and trained paramedicals leave no stone unturned for the welfare of the patient. As a result there has been robust growth of Heart Hospital in last fifteen years.

It caters to the needs of not only Bihar, but also of neighboring states like Jharkhand, Bengal, Orissa, east UP and Nepal. We had envisaged an affordable tertiary cardiac centre with best of human skills, cardiac care facilities, training, education and research.

Our message is :-

Care Heart by Heart.

Our aim is :-

“Affordable Cardiac Care for All”.

Dr. Rajan Thakur

Ph.D (Med Biochem), MAACC MIFCC, MBA(Hosp. mgmt)

Managing Director